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Datafaker 2.0.0 (11 June 2023)

Today, we're pleased to announce a new milestone for the Datafaker project:

Datafaker 2.0 has been released!

The biggest change in Datafaker 2.0 is that the minimum Java version is now version 17. After Spring Boot moved to Java 17, we thought that moving to Java 11 wouldn't have much benefit, so we decided to jump a version and support Java 17+ instead. This allows us to support newer Java features such as Java Records. Please checkout the documentation for more info.

Besides that, there are numerous small improvements, which you can find in the release notes below.

As always, and while we changed the major version, we aim to keep upgrades smooth, and besides the change in Java version, no (or not many...) breaking changes should have been introduced.

Thanks to all our users for the great support; it's been a great journey so far, and here's to many more Datafaker releases!

Breaking Change

internet().url() will now return a web URL. The previous implementation returned just a domain name.

Here's a sample of the new generation:

For further details see:

New Contributors

A big shout to our new contributors, without who Datafaker wouldn't be the project which it is today.

Thank you all for helping out, your contributions are appreciated!

What's Changed