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Datafaker 1.8.0 (11 Feb 2023)

The first release of 2023 of Datafaker has been created. After one year of Datafaker, this marks the release of the last version compatible with Java 1.8. After this, Datafaker 2.x will have Java 17 as a minimum baseline.

Why 17, and not migrate from 8 to 11? Well, we think that Java 11 hardly has any benefits for Datafaker, while Java 17 might have some more interesting features, such as records, compact number formatting, and who knows, maybe some other features. Just to be clear: our 1.x branch will no longer be supported or maintained.

New Contributors

A special shout out to @kingthorin, who has contributed numerous improvements in Datafaker, and who is now a co-maintainer of Datafaker. Rick, welcome to the team, and absolutely appreciate your amazing work!

What's Changed

Providers added

A total of 34 new providers were added, brining the total now to 230 different data providers!

See for the full overview of providers.

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