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Datafaker 1.3.0 (2 April 2022)

Another new release of Datafaker. We found out that in some cases, the 1.2.0 version of Datafaker is too aggressive with caching results. This version fixes that, so we'd advise all users to upgrade to 1.3.0.

Also, this version contains many new features, such as many new providers, new APIs to work with JSON data, improved caching, and more.


For this release, we'd like thank the following people:

  • Sergey Nuyanzin again for adding most of the features of this release, such as nested JSON support, adding a Maven wrapper, enabling JDK 18 support,
  • Alexandre Saudate for contributing the AWS faker! Very handy, thanks!
  • Valery Yatsynovich for making the documentation just a bit better! Thanks!
  • Julio Gutierrez for adding more caching to Datafaker.
  • and Dependabot for keeping our dependencies up to date :)

Providers added

  • AWS
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • Crypto Coin
  • Hobby
  • Horse
  • Kpop
  • Subscription
  • Super Mario
  • Volleyball

Note: The Crypto provider has been renamed to Hashing, since they only contained one way Hashing functions. It can still be accessed using the crypto method, but this will be removed in one of the upcoming releases.

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