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Datafaker 1.2.0 (5 March 2022)


For this release, we'd like thank the following people:

  • Sergey Nuyanzin for adding 90% of the features of this release. Sergey added support for file formats, custom fakers, speed improvements, and many, many other items.
  • Alexandre Saudate for adding multi-branch CNPJ generation (PR #71)
  • David Ogar for contributing the Nigeria faker.(PR #70)
  • zolv for adding add PESEL number generator (PR #54)
  • Marius Larsen for adding Formula 1 data (PR #20)
  • Valery Yatsynovich for changing AdoptJDK to Temurin (PR #14)
  • Koen de Bruijn for updating a code example in the usage documentation (PR #6)

To all of the above: we really appreciate all your contributions, and thank you all for making this library the way it is!

Providers added

In this release, more providers have been added:

  • Australia
  • The IT Crowd
  • Marketing, mostly buzzwords for now
  • Restaurant, with names, types, reviews, etc
  • Nato Phonetic Alphabet
  • Nigeria, thanks to David Ogar

The CNPJ provider has been improved, and now supports multiple branches, thanks to Alexandre Saudate.

For a complete list of providers, see the providers overview.

Notable changes

  • Improvement: Support for custom providers!
  • Improvement: Support for CSV, XML, YML and JSON fileformat.
  • Improvement: Support for specifying date formats for dates and timestamps.
  • Improvement: Added nextInt and nextFloat methods to Faker to make the random() method a better Random replacement.
  • Improvement: Added nextDouble and nextLong methods to Faker to generate random numbers between bounds.
  • Add support of methods with varargs and #{options.option ...} (PR #7), thanks to Sergey Nuyanzin.
  • Fixes and several improvements in Datafaker dependency management (PR #8) and (PR #9), thanks to Sergey Nuyanzin.
  • Added generation of ISO language and countries based on java Locale#getISOLanguages and Locale#getISOCountries (PR #19)
  • Many fixes and improvements in the build stability, lots of performance improvements and many fixes for flakey tests
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