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Datafaker 1.1.0 (1 Feb 2022)

Datafaker 1.1.0 reduces the number of external dependencies and provides a few minor bug fixes.

It also includes a few internal improvements, mostly related to an improved level of code coverage. See for the full release notes below.


For this release, we'd like thank Elton André, Sergey Nuyanzin and Amit Solankurkar for their contributions to Datafaker.

Notable changes

  • Breaking (minor) change: Relationships has been renamed to Relationship.
  • Bugfix: Fixed Russian translation (PR #693 by Sergey Nuyanzin)
  • Improvement: Added mountain ranges (PR #696 by Sergey Nuyanzin)
  • Improvement: Minimised external dependencies. Removed Guava and Apache Commons from production dependencies, and logging from test dependencies.
  • Improvement: New examplify method in Faker, which generates a value by example, with the same pattern as the input value. (See the Javadoc for examples). PR #4 by Amit Solankurkar.
  • Bugfix: Removed 226 area code as reported here Issue #698.
  • Improvement: Now supports valid Swedish (sv_SE) phone numbers based on Telephone Numbers in Sweden.
  • Improvement: Now supports valid Dutch (nl_NL) phone numbers based on Telephone numbers in the Netherlands.
  • Improvement: Now supports (mostly) valid Norwegian (nb_NO) phone numbers based on Telephone numbers in the Norway.
  • Improvement: Now supports valid Czech Republic (cs_SZ) phone numbers based on Telephone numbers in the Czech Republic.
  • Improvement: Now supports (mostly) valid Great Britain (en_UK) phone numbers based on Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom.
  • Improvement: We now support Brazilian CPF and CNPJ numbers (PR #5), thanks to Elton AndrĂ©.
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