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Datafaker 0.9.0 (1 Jan 2022)

This release is a direct fork of Javafaker, with most of the more than 100 open PR's merged, and several other bugs fixed.


PR Description
692 Add Size (adjective) and Mood (feeling, emotion, tone) feature
685 Add random locale selection/rotation for internationalization/localization testing 603
683 IDEA: random java.time.Duration 677
682 Added cell phone support for the Dutch (NL) language.
680 Fix issue 668
676 I can see ar.yaml, Apparently you seem to support Arabic lang
675 Feature: Issue-666
673 US ZipCode should be specific about 5 or 5+4 digits (591)
672 add MG on state_abbr pt-br 596
659 (658) Fix typo in StarTrek species
656 Improve Travis CI build Performance
655 Shade snakeyml to avoid conflicts on consumers requiring higher versions
653 Removes trailing space in instrument name
650 Add es-PY.yml, based on es-MX.yml
645 Solving problem 414
644 Solve issue 450
643 Add Hearthstone feature
636 issue 571
635 Resident evil feature
633 Fix issue 391 Offer the possibility to generate a top and second level domain for a company
631 Fix issue 629 and issue 458
628 fix issue 626: Typo in the faker.subscription.plans variable inside es.yml
625 Add Minecraft and Touhou fakers
622 Fix bug 598 fake food ingredient has no support to hebrew
619 Fix issue 566 "en-ZA" ID number is invalid
617 Remove trailing space from animal name: turtle
616 Fix issue # 584: Internet.password doesn't always return expected value
614 Solve StarCraftTest Failed issue 611#
613 Fixed issue 584
606 Set country_code for NL.yml
604 Adds Portuguese VAT identification number (NIF)
602 Correctly handle generating a password of fixed length
595 Added hr locale support
594 ko.yml Faker Data Update
593 Changing the Turkish adage to its correct usage
583 Update ru.yml
582 Improve de-CH.yml
576 Added Dessert Faker
574 This PR fixes issue 568 (missing quote)
565 Fix russian translations
557 Update the IBAN code based on the latest version of iban_registry
511 Add some lastnames with ñ for "es" and "es-mx"
509 Add some lastnames with ñ for "es" and "es-mx"
506 Fiex testHungarianZipCodeByState()
499 Fixed Zh_CN IdNumber invalid issue
495 Added locale sensivity on longitute, latitude.
492 Complied regular expression patterns and applied some other performance suggestions
480 Vehicle Faker
462 Adding proper set of area codes for phone numbers in Canada for both 'ca' and 'en-CA' locales
453 add Science service and elementary particles
449 Add CS yaml
423 Babylon5
408 Fix inability to resolve dota.yml path. Add more dota heroes and items
387 Barcode generator
382 Fix german material names
354 Creates locale for es-AR
333 Update ru.yml
314 Add Singaporean ID numbers
264 Add CPF generation (identification number in Brazil like social security number)
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