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Advanced password and arbitrary string generation

Starting 1.7.0 there is Text provider which allows to generate arbitrary strings with advanced rules. Now it allows to specify different set of symbols which should be contained and minimum amount of symbols per such set.

Imagine there is a need to generate a password with length 8 and containing minimum 3 digits and 2 upper case symbols from en locale.

     var faker = new Faker();
     String password = faker.text().text(Text.TextSymbolsBuilder.builder()
                         .with(EN_UPPERCASE, 2)
                         .with(DIGITS, 3);

It also allows to use custom symbol sets. For example this will generate a string with length between 8 and 10. The string will contain min 3 lower case symbols from ru locale and minimum 5 symbols from the defined string customSpecialSymbols.

      final String ruLowerCase = "абвгдеёжзийклмнопрстуфхцчшщъыьэюя";
      final String customSpecialSymbols = "!@#$%^*;'][{}";
      final int ruCnt = 3;
      final int specSmbCnt = 5;
      final Text.TextRuleConfig config = Text.TextSymbolsBuilder.builder()
          .len(faker.number().numberBetween(ruCnt + specSmbCnt, Math.max(ruCnt + specSmbCnt, 10)))
          .with(ruLowerCase, ruCnt)
          .with(customSpecialSymbols, specSmbCnt).build();
      final String text = faker.text().text(config);
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